PiDOT Philosophy

PiDoT [pɪ-dɔt]: Public Innovation Do Tank

Developing new solutions WITH citizens as opposed to FOR citizens can help drive radical innovation in the public sector. By focusing on citizens' own experiences and resources, co-creation can help identify, prototype and implement truly valuable services. PiDoT events are designed precisely to this end, to engage citizens and public sector officials in a process of co-creation with a view to delivering better services and outcomes at less cost. The PIDoT methodology can be broken down into six distinct stages.


We start-off by identifying a challenging issue with a given public sector service & citizen groups.

We work with our public sector partner to organise a PiDOT event (logistics, event animation & design, etc.)

We create an on-line community of citizens & public sector authorities allowing them to network before the event.

We make citizens & public sector authorities work & prototype together concrete solutions.

After 2-3 days of intense prototyping, prizes are awarded to projects (monetary, travel gifts, etc.)

Teams can choose to continue their project even after the PiDOT event is over & exchange ideas on the online platform.

Have an idea for PIDoT? Plan your own!

Have an idea for a PIDoT? Click on the stopwatch image below for instructions on how to start planning your own.



Lycksele PIDoT, June 2013

The Lycksele PIDoT held between 12 and 13 June 2013 brought together 64 students, designers, healthcare specialists, urban planners, programmers, academics and public policy-makers to take part in a two-day do-tank around issues of Health, Young Entrepreneurship and Matching Competencies

PiDOT Locations

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Organisers & Sponsors

Organisers & Sponsors

Three companies have partnered to create the PIDoT. But we're always looking to make friends... If you are interested, contact us and we'll get in touch!

The PiDOT Team

Lars Albinsson

Project Manager

Stéphanie Bacquere

Design expert and PIDoT event coordinator

Marie-Noéline Viguier

Design expert

Sébastien Lévy

International events and networking

Thomas Mackenzie

Project management

Lotta Grönkvist Albinsson

Design expert

George Koulouris

PIDoT event coordinator

Hugo Pilate

Design Tool Conceptor

Franck Hashas

Integration, content and SEO

Florian Daniel

Coding wizard



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